Student Feedback

The following is course feedback that Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir Toronto has received from some of the students who attended the course in the past few sessions. This was provided to us either in writing, or in person at feedback meetings, towards the end of the course.

One of our students has also written a blog post outlining his experiences and feedback about the course.

I have been under treatment for thyroid problems. Regular practice of yoga has helped me to improve my thyroid function.

- V.V.

Deep breathing and other cleansing exercises have helped me to reduce the severe headaches I used to suffer from. In addition, Jal Neti (nasal cleansing) has helped in clearing my nasal passages such that I no longer suffer from blocked nostrils and Jal Dhauti has helped in reducing acidity.

- R.N.

Spiritually this course awoke passion and faith in me; the beauty, culture and tradition is inspiring; the sense of community with acceptance and love was an honour to be a part of. The meditation resonated throughout my body and soul and I felt at peace.

- C.G.

I had a great experience attending this course. It was enthralling to learn the exercises. I feel very energetic after yoga practice and I have started experiencing more serenity and calmness in my mind. This has been a very uplifting experience.

- S.B.

Practising Jal Dhauti for 28 days has helped me to get rid of my gas problem. My belly size is less than before. My breathing capacity has increased after practising Kapal Bhati. I can now climb four flights of stairs on the subway station without panting or feeling tired as I did before the class. Yama, Niyama and other theory lessons refreshed my way of living life.

- A.M.

Physically my posture has improved and I have lost weight. Mentally the theory aspects of Yama, Niyama, etc. have reinforced my ideas and beliefs in simple moderate living. Spiritually, it has prepared me to face life, accept challenges and look beyond seeking true everlasting happiness.

- A.S.

I enjoyed the dedication and experience within this course. Physically I feel healthier, have more energy and apply myself better in all aspects of my life. Spiritually I appreciated that this class did not discriminate or judge me. I enjoyed the prayers and having the English translation. This class has allowed me to understand another culture and appreciate its practices.

- Y.M.

Practising Tratak regularly for a few months helped to improve my eyesight considerably. I no longer need to wear my eye glasses for driving.

- N.J.

This course has been an exciting and exhilarating experience. Practising yoga regularly has helped reduced my blood sugar count and hypertension.

- S.R.

I had a severe gastric and acidity problem and Jal Dhauti helped me to relieve this condition. Jal Neti helped me to improve my Kapal Bhati. Asanas are keeping me physically healthy and alert.

- J.P.

This course has taught me the benefit of Kriyas which have improved my breathing and resulted in peaceful sleep. More importantly the overall benefit to my health has been great. I feel rejuvenated with lots of energy to go through a stressful work week. I have already seen medical evidence in my blood results that showed a 10% drop in my total cholesterol/LDL values! My doctor cannot believe this!! On a spiritual I feel peace and calm more than ever before.

- R.R.

By practising Jal Neti I did not get my annual rag weed allergy. I was amazed that I did not have to take any anti-allergy pills this season.

- D.J.

Physically: definitely more flexible. Shudhi Kriyas have helped tremendously to regulate my systems. Sesame seed oil massage, recommend in the class, has resulted in improved flexibility.

Mentally: more discipline and better focus.

Spiritually: special feeling of belonging to a like-minded group.

Information on Shata Chakra Darshan and Ashtanga Yoga especially helped me to improve concentration and focus.

- M.B.

Physically: My breathing has improved. Talk on Importance of Food, helped me to reevaluate my diet and reduce carbohydrates. I have lost some fat from my abdomen. Jogging and other forms of exercise had not helped me reduce abdominal fat.

Mentally: Feel a growing sense of calm but have many miles to go.

Spiritually: The journey continues and I hope that continued practice and dedication on my part will result in the biggest benefit in this area.
I feel more ‘in the body’ but hope to move towards focus on the mind and eventually towards consciousness.

- H.D.

My mother who is visiting us for 6 months attended this class; she has had two TIAs (Transient Ischemic Attack episodes) i.e. mini strokes due to very high B.P. Within 6 weeks, due to the pranayama taught in this class, her B.P has come down to normal…now its 120/65. Medicines did not help. She has lost 10 inches from her body. Kapalbhati, as she had previously learnt it, gave her gas but with this class, she feels much better and her B.P. has become regular and normal.

- M.B.

Jal Neti (nasal cleansing) and other cleansing processes really helped me a lot in handling my allergies. I have not used my spray ever since I started Jal Neti and Kapal Bhati.

- M.R.

I had severe acid reflux and was on Pariet (medication) for almost two years - I am no longer on medication since practising Jal Dhauti (stomach cleansing).

- M.S.

The number one benefit for me has been a major improvement in my breathing. I always breathed through my mouth but since practicing Jal Neti, I am able to breathe through my nose. I suffer from asthma, allergies and rhinitis; however, all are much improved.

- D.C.

After I had a car accident, I was in a lot of pain so my doctor suggested I join this Yoga class. I can see a lot of improvement as far as the pain is concerned, although I can’t do a lot of the postures well. My wife and I tried Jal Dhauti and liked doing it and benefited a lot from it. We do Jal Neti (nasal cleansing) regularly and can see vast improvement. My wife’s allergies have reduced. I could not sit in Padmasana (Lotus posture) when I first joined the class but now I can sit cross legged and it’s not so bad.

- W.W.

I have had no allergies since starting yoga; breathing exercises and Jal Neti (nasal cleansing) have helped me. I used to sneeze every time I got to the office and opened a file; now I don’t do that. I don’t have sinus problems anymore.

- P.I.

Jal Neti (nasal cleansing) makes my nostrils very clear and there is no mucous build up in the nostrils through the day. Since starting Yoga, my flexibility has improved a lot; I had knee and back problems before starting this class, and now there’s no pain. Kapal Bhati and other breathing exercises are changing mind power, making me feel more positive. I feel energetic and fresh all day. I have also noticed a reduction in the amount wax in the ears.

- A.S.

I had attended Yoga classes at a club before but found that they were too competitive and focused only on postures. I really like the Ambika program, particularly the breathing. You mentioned that breathing capacity can increase five fold; I am not there yet but have improved a lot. In particular I find Kapal Bhati very beneficial. When you covered the shudhi kriyas, I was impatient for the asanas to start, but now appreciate the sequence. I practice about four times a week and feel very good; I enjoy the program.

- B.S.

This yoga class has been a great addition to my daily physical activities. It has helped me in many ways:

Physically: It has made me much more flexible and helped me tone my muscles. Doing the asanas has helped me a lot in achieving this.

Mentally: I have improved my concentration and have become much calmer. In addition, I don’t get as angry as I did before.

Spiritually: I can now meditate and not get distracted easily. Personally, I think I will continue this practice of yoga till the ‘day of doom’. I think this course is organized amazingly well.

- P.K.

The Jal Neti (nasal cleansing) really worked for me making the nasal passages clear hence breathing easier. The Kapal Bhati made me very energized, calm and relaxed. Doing yoga helps me connect with myself in mind, body and spirit. I am more focused and my body is much more flexible. I sleep more restfully at night since I started yoga. I found I released a lot of anger, resentment, pain and hurt and replaced it with love, peace, etc. Yoga has helped my dystona (medical condition) a little.

- P.K.

This course has helped me a lot to cure my lower back problem. I have spent $600 to attend a gym for a whole year but still my back pain continued. I had even tried chiropractors’ and physiotherapists’ treatment for one year, but still felt pain. However, yoga exercises for the back helped me a lot and I am feeling much better.

- R.P.

When I suffered from severe depression and even suicidal thoughts after returning from a trip to India, my family doctor attributed the condition to the anti-malaria medication I had taken. Although I was prescribed anti-depressants to address this condition, I chose to join this yoga class instead. The Ambika yoga course helped me to overcome my depression through its holistic approach to the practice of yoga.

- N.K.

My B.P. has reduced by 10%. I feel more energetic and less tired. Tratak has helped me achieve peace of mind. Shavasana has improved my sleep pattern.

- R.G.

I practiced Jal Neti (nasal cleansing) and to my surprise, my nasal polyp which I could easily see in the mirror for the last couple of decades has regressed so much that I cannot see it at all. For a few moments after doing Jal Neti, I feel the whole world’s store of oxygen is made available only to me - a subtle sense of euphoria or call it an exalted sense of well being. My wife has started getting good sleep as she says I have stopped snoring. Practice of certain asanas has really given me considerable relief from early effects of cervical spondylitis.

- K.N.

My job is very stressful and I have already begun, through the practice of yoga, to realize the benefits of improved ability to manage stress, better focus, living in the moment and a feeling of overall well being.

- B.R.

I could not fold my knees due arthritis and osteoporosis. Yoga has helped me a lot as I can now actively do Sukhasana, but not full Padmasana. I continue to try. All breathing exercises have helped me tremendously as I suffer from migraines and since doing yoga, my headaches and migraines have improved a lot. I have had a lot of improvement on the many aches and pains I suffer from.

- S.P.

This course was really a great experience. It has given me peace of mind and a sense of calmness. I learnt the importance of breathing properly. The theory portion of the lectures was very informative. The practical portion of the asanas was very nice and with a lot of information. The benefits as well as precautions of each asana were explained clearly. As far as I am concerned, I had some breathing problems before, but after attending the classes and practicing the Shudhi Kriyas they have completely disappeared. The mind has become very calm and I feel fresh the whole day.

- A.S.

Not being a morning person, yoga has finally got me excited to get up. I look forward to a good day, mentally and emotionally. I have become more alert in all my daily activities.
Spiritually I feel that I have become more in touch with my inner being and purpose in life. The concentration and meditation has helped me focus as my mind loves to wander. Thanks for making me feel like a better person in every way.

- P.B.

This course has made me more patient and calm. I am able to control my anger better even at work. I feel more energetic, eat better and try to make more time for myself to think and plan the things I want to do as a whole. Yoga practice has brought down my sugar levels.

- S.S.

Physically I have seen changes to allergy problems by doing Jal Neti. I can sleep better. Mentally I have calmed down and feel more relaxed resulting in controlling blood pressure and losing weight.

- J.T.

I suffered from high blood pressure, asthma and back pain. Since I started these yogic exercises I feel a lot better and they have helped to relieve these problems.

- S.P.

I had reflux problem every night when I went to bed. I felt my stomach burning due to acidity. Stomach cleansing (Jal Dhauti) cured my problem and my pain and discomfort are gone.

- M.R.

I used to suffer from migraine headaches and constipation. Since practicing yoga I no longer suffer from these problems. There is a 50% improvement in arthritic pain in my right knee.

- I.K.

I had a torn ligament in my right knee and could not bend it or climb stairs and walked with a limp. After the 7th or 8th class, I noticed an improvement and after the 10th class I could bend my knee, walk without a limp and climb stairs.

- C.N.

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